The body in time and place

Through symbolic action Becky Bowley’s work evokes the relationship between the body and time through the medium of traditional making and the movement of the body within a place. Her interest lies in poetical dialogues between the memory and imagination of human feeling and experiences becoming an embodiment of dream, myth and the ineffable. Materials are composed as symbols of the elements that resonate with impermanence and hint at transformation - to move the body within time and space “To cross a territory, to walk, to open a path, to recognise a place, to comprehend symbolic values, to invent a geography”5.

(Im) Material (Bath)

(Im) Material (Bath) is a twenty minute performance for video. The familiarity of the bath becomes another world whilst the body is carpeted within it, holding her breath as it fills with water. Her visual form fades in and out of the image as the water builds until the form starts to shift, and finally there is a tearing of the veil as the naked fiqure emerges from the deep red flowing pool.
(Twenty minute video performance, bath, water and carpet)
Video by Becky Bowley