The body in time and place

Through symbolic action Becky Bowley’s work evokes the relationship between the body and time through the medium of traditional making and the movement of the body within a place. Her interest lies in poetical dialogues between the memory and imagination of human feeling and experiences becoming an embodiment of dream, myth and the ineffable. Materials are composed as symbols of the elements that resonate with impermanence and hint at transformation - to move the body within time and space “To cross a territory, to walk, to open a path, to recognise a place, to comprehend symbolic values, to invent a geography”5.

Still Changing

Constantly knitting, the knit work dissolves into water. Sitting still, but for the hypnotic movement of working hands and of threads coming undone, dissolving into water.
With every line created, a line dissolved. Still Changing is an embodiment of impermanence and dynamic life cycles. An elusive labour of the psyche, it marks the activity of knitting as a reflection on the reality of the body, and the body as myth, referencing still life painting and subverting traditional images of work and making into a rite of passage.
(Nine hours, nine days performance; ash wood, glass, water, white slip and socks, soluble fabric, knitting needles)
Photographed by Julian Hughes