The body in time and place

Through symbolic action Becky Bowley’s work evokes the relationship between the body and time through the medium of traditional making and the movement of the body within a place. Her interest lies in poetical dialogues between the memory and imagination of human feeling and experiences becoming an embodiment of dream, myth and the ineffable. Materials are composed as symbols of the elements that resonate with impermanence and hint at transformation - to move the body within time and space “To cross a territory, to walk, to open a path, to recognise a place, to comprehend symbolic values, to invent a geography”5.

Making Connections

Becky Bowley weaves a fine silk red cloth in silence but for the sound of the loom, thread by thread we're lead through the process of weaving in relation to the female form and psych... watching in on a dream. Once the cloth is woven the figure in the tale slowley takes the cloth apart. The threads dance and fall with the body, statically charged by movement, until the un-weaving is complete, and the figure fades out of the dream leaving a grave like image of red threads and figurative empty space.

(Twenty minute video, two week Performance; silk, harris loom, bobbins and mill)

Video by Becky Bowley